Our vision is to inspire and empower faith-driven, mission-focused leaders and organizations to become transformative forces in their communities and beyond.


Our mission is to connect, develop, and elevate faith-driven, mission-focused leaders and organizations through premier executive search services, comprehensive leadership development resources, and transformative annual conferences. We strive to support and serve high capacity leaders pursuing high impact mission.

  • Faith | Our actions and decisions are motivated by our faith, ensuring integrity and authenticity in all we do.

  • Impact | We are dedicated to making a positive, transformative impact on communities through our support of mission-focused leaders and organizations.

  • Excellence | We strive for the highest standards in our executive search services, leadership development resources, and annual conferences, ensuring exceptional value and outcomes for our clients.

  • Empowerment | We are committed to equipping leaders with the tools, knowledge, and networks they need to grow personally and professionally, fostering a continuous journey of improvement and achievement.

  • Collaboration | We believe in the power of connection and collaboration, facilitating strong networks and partnerships that enhance the collective impact of mission-driven leaders and organizations.

Greg J Baird

Founder & CEO

Greg has spent the past 35 years in the nonprofit, enterprise nonprofit, church and small business space. 

As a church leader, he served for nearly 20 years as Associate Pastor (Children’s, Family, Multi-Campus & Executive Pastor roles) in 3 SoCal churches ranging in size from 250 – 10,000. 

As a nonprofit leader, he has served in various roles, from founder to board member to executive level, including VP at a $60M organization and Executive Director at two smaller international nonprofits.

As a small business owner, Greg has served hundreds of churches and organizations across the United States and around the world (35+ countries) through speaking, coaching, consulting and executive search services. 

Through all of this, Greg has seen the reality that “Everything rises and falls on leadership”, the John C. Maxwell maxim that Greg learned directly from Maxwell as he worked for him for 5 years in the early days. He now is a John C Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach and Consultant. 

As the culmination of his years of learning and experience, Greg now seeks to serve “high capacity leaders pursuing high impact mission”Mission First Leadership (MFL) is the result, a family of companies including: 

  • MFL Search – executive search services for churches, nonprofits, schools and mission-minded businesses;
  • MFL Network – resources for an online and local Colorado community of mission-minded leaders;
  • MFL Conference – a Denver, CO leadership conference just for mission-minded leaders.